Lighting Tips for Wedding Planners

Lighting Tips for Wedding Planners

When planning for a wedding, lighting has to be among the most crucial factors to consider. Good lighting can add some ambience and draw enough attention to make the venue appear even more spectacular than it is. Below are a few lighting tips that you can use as a wedding planner.

Start By Gathering the Right Lighting

You need an elaborate plan of how the lighting will be, and this should be documented. You can then share the plan with the bride and groom. You also need to engage the photography team to ensure that any lighting decision made will not interfere with the photography.

Use Coloured Lights Tactfully

Coloured lights can make the wedding venue appear spectacular. Coloured lights also enhance appearances, which ensures that everybody, the guests included, feel right for the occasion. Also, part of your responsibility is to ensure that the colours that are neither too harsh nor too dim. Poor lighting could make people strain their eyes or feel uncomfortable. Notwithstanding, factor in the colours of the decorations and ensure the coloured lights will not alter other elements of decoration too much.

Consider the Exterior

If the wedding is to be hosted indoors, you should ensure that the lighting blends in well with the furniture. This could mean having an antique sideboard coupled with some lighting fixtures that highlight its major points. Ideally, wedding planning all about getting the combinations rights in order to furnish your guests with a fantastic experience right from the time they step out of the cars.

LED Lights

Using LED comes with a variety of advantages over other light sources. For example, LEDs consume less power, last longer, and are easy to regulate. This makes them particularly appealing for outdoor wedding ceremonies that run through the night. They can even be wireless, which allows you to control them from any position in the venue.