What Everyone Should Wear at Your Wedding

What Everyone Should Wear at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly a massive undertaking, and it’s easy to lose sight of what might seem like small details if you get caught up in the drama and excitement of the whole affair. This might mean that the question of what everyone is going to wear at the wedding gets left until the last minute. Yes, you remembered to find a great dress for the bride, but what is everyone else going to wear? To make absolutely sure that you do not spend the weeks up until the wedding hunting for the right shoe, we’ve put together this guide to planning what to wear at the celebration

Check the Weather

Yes, you won’t be able to look at an actual forecast for your wedding day when you’re doing this type of planning, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get an idea of what conditions are likely to be. Check out a weather history website to get an idea of what the conditions were like last year and plan accordingly. It’s also worth finding out about monthly weather averages, so you have a clear idea about what you can expect.

Think About the Setting

If your entire wedding is going to take place outdoors in the middle of summer, then those heavy wool suits that look amazing in photographs probably aren’t the best idea. Similarly, if there’s a chance that the weather won’t be kind to you, then don’t wear anything unsuitable. It’s also worth thinking about aspects such as the wedding food which you will be serving. Make sure that it is practical and straightforward to eat, in the clothes that you are suggesting your guests wear.

Think of the Party Afterwards

We promise, this is the final practical consideration we’ll give you for your wedding, but it’s one that’s really worth thinking about. If you’re going to put together a wedding playlist which requires your guests to get up and dance the night away, then make sure that you let them wear clothes that allow them to do this. Similarly, if you’re planning an activity for the wedding, then make sure that you’ve considered this in the dress code. Your wedding plan won’t go down very well with people if you make them walk through a muddy field in their best clothes.

Like almost everything in life, planning the perfect wedding is a matter of balance. Go overboard with the dress code and people will feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Go too casual, and you might find yourself questioning your decisions in a few years, once you look back and the photos. Try to find the right balance now, and things will be easier later on!